Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another year.

Looking back on another year
It started off with a huge fear
My decision to move, to leave people behind
It was one of my toughest, but I had to see what I could find
For me that search led me to the city by the bay
It was the many signs and support at the end of the day
There were many sleepless nights as a worrier
But I needed to be my own person, a warrior
Life I have found out is about the opportunities to share
There will be people who will listen and care
I’ve learned to use what I experienced, what I know
There were times when I needed to just go with the flow
In the process, never losing myself, creating the balance
Having my foundations and building on the chance
The city has opened my mind to the arts and culture
I’ve never thought this would be my future
A year ago I never dreamt of living in a city
But I had to take this opportunity
To have the courage to grow and faith to believe
To take on the risk and see what I can achieve
To step outside my box and see what I can give
To listen, learn, lead, laugh and live
As I begin my second year here
I still remember the times I’ve had there
 I truly miss my family and friends with all the smiling faces
We’ll one day meet again, knowing we’ll be at different places
Having our experiences and shared paths to discuss
Our stories and our journeys that define us


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