Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our Story.

Our life is our own book
Written paths that we took
All the positive and negative
No matter what they are reflective
The moments of challenge and pain
Lessons learned, everything to gain
The pages are illustrated in our mind
The images and words are intertwined
Relationships built are at the core
Stories that become “legends of lore”
Not knowing where each chapter ends
Knowing the beginning with the twists and bends
The chapters are filled with experiences of places
The culture, the characters, the faces
With each book it’s special and real
Written words with emotion and feel
The feelings that we need to share
Provoking the thoughts and care
Sharing with each other the connections
Of the hard work and daily creations
The laughs, jokes, surprises and smiles are bound
All kept safe and ready to be found
Moments in our lives that we need the most
When our story seems to be lost
We decide whether our story is told
We just have to keep writing and be bold
Our words are ours to write
Each sentence, paragraph, and chapter a fight
We are our own story
We have to just remember our history
Prepare each page to be inked
Reflecting on how it’s linked
Our story, our book, our life
Of the words that tell our strife
It can only be written by you and I
Don’t let the opportunity pass you by


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